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Worst thrash album I've ever heard!!! - 40%

Immortal666, April 25th, 2003

This is the worst thrash album I've ever heard. I got this album back in 1991 and I was still deep into my thrash metal phase. Reading the liner notes, I saw that it was the Exodus H-Team of Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt who produced this album so I really expected a lot. Opening track "Black Feather Shake" was a great introduction as it contained the usual elements that I liked about thrash - double-time tempos, ripping riffs, manic vocals, double-bass drumming. Little did I know that it would be down hill after that point on. The rest of the album is lifeless, derivative, third-rate thrash with riffs that were borrowed from far superior songs. The only reason I occasionally listen to this album is if I want to listen to the opening track - and trust me, that's not a lot of times.