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Great thrash album - 94%

Bedlam, June 5th, 2004

Though the lyrics are...confusing at times this is a great thrash metal album. I'm quite surprised this album wasn't more popular...oh well. The guitar on this album is very good. Martin Chandler pumps out some hard and heavy riffs. What I really love about the sound of this album is that it has such a -full- sound. With many bands i've noticed that they have a thin sound with only one guitar but Panic has a great thick sound. The drums on this record...really werent anything too special but they fit very well with the songs. Moving to the lyrics...Blackfeather Shake has some screwed up lyrics. When I first read them after buying the album I was going "What the -fuck- are they talking about?" Its hard to tell what they're talking about at times doesn't make it any worse. I guess the only problem with this album to me is that the drums really werent anything all that special.

Overall I think this is a great thrash album that is worth any thrash fan's attention. You wont regret picking up this record.

Standout Songs: Blackfeather Shake, Spider Desire, 911, Devil's Night Out, Pile O' Bones

Worst thrash album I've ever heard!!! - 40%

Immortal666, April 25th, 2003

This is the worst thrash album I've ever heard. I got this album back in 1991 and I was still deep into my thrash metal phase. Reading the liner notes, I saw that it was the Exodus H-Team of Gary Holt and Rick Hunolt who produced this album so I really expected a lot. Opening track "Black Feather Shake" was a great introduction as it contained the usual elements that I liked about thrash - double-time tempos, ripping riffs, manic vocals, double-bass drumming. Little did I know that it would be down hill after that point on. The rest of the album is lifeless, derivative, third-rate thrash with riffs that were borrowed from far superior songs. The only reason I occasionally listen to this album is if I want to listen to the opening track - and trust me, that's not a lot of times.