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Pan.Thy.Monium > Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ion > Reviews > Hames_Jetfield
Pan.Thy.Monium - Khaooohs & Kon-fus-ion

The End of Pan.Thy.Monium - 90%

Hames_Jetfield, February 2nd, 2021

The second variation on "Dawn Of Dreams" may have been completely unacceptable and considered a typical cash jump. Meanwhile, "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion" was so well received that it managed to maintain a satisfactory level, similar to the two previous albums and which still impressed some of them. Among the "big three" Pan.Thy.Monium, "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion" appears to be the weakest lp in comparison to its predecessors, but this does not mean that the music is terrible or not worthy of the name of this project. On the contrary, the band flew strongly against the current and created a piece of excellent metal avant-garde - again unattainable for most bands.

First of all, the difference between "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion" compared to previous releases is that it does not cause such huge emotions as "Dawn Of Dreams" and "Khaooohs". It's only supposed to appeal to those who love this project for the first two albums and not to introduce any major revolution within this style. So, the quintet stayed with the death/doom sound, Pink Floyd solos, keyboard inserts, sax frenzy and Raagoonshinnaah shocking - basically everything familiar to them.

However, that no one would accuse Pan.Thy.Monium of not offering anything new, this time the band limited themselves to only four songs! The first two ("The Battle Of Geeheeb" and "Thee-Pherenth") were made more than 10 minutes long, the third ("Behrial") stripped of the metal sound (which is actually quite a nice keyboard instrumental), and the fourth ("In Remembrance") left the disc with a minute of silence. However, there is no feeling that the band skimped on the music "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion" - if you do not look at it, it's here as long as 33 minutes, which is quite a lot for three songs. As for the more important changes on the "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion"...hmm...I should mention a slightly different production (especially from the drums side) and even greater use of various, bizarre sound effects (such as some knocks, squeaks, crackles etc.). As for the songs it seems to be much easier to visualize. The "right" compositions attract with a multitude of unusual ideas, the other two, "slightly different", can be heard only out of your own curiosity.

Finally, a few more truisms. "Khaooohs & Kon-Fus-Ion" is - as you can clearly see from the description above - a portion of excellent, avant-garde music, which, despite being much less revolutionary in comparison to "Dawn..." and "Khaooohs", simply has to suit fans of such sounds. This album may not bring as much as one would expect from them, but it can keep you interested for a long time and you cannot deny it a certain "uniqueness". As a swan song, it's surprisingly impressive!

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