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Khaooohs indeed - 100%

Hames_Jetfield, January 12th, 2021

A year after "Dawn Of Dreams" was released, Day DiSyraah and the rest of the band put another well-twisted release on. On "Khaooohs" the surprise is a bit smaller than on "Dawn...", but it doesn't change the fact that you can get lost in everything that is going on on this album. As I have already said in the debut review, the music of the Swanö brothers and other friends was (and still is) extremely unique and extraordinary in terms of death/doom - full of bizarre experiments and avant-garde solutions to which the vast majority would never be able to go, and at the same time making it a lot of fun to listen to. The Swedes offered "Khaooohs" to develop their ideas from their debut and at the same time they re-created an album with a huge stylistic momentum - falling into many unusual extremes. Except that everything is presented here so interestingly and far from the norms that even the more famous patents performed by them (and by the way, it strangely passes through my keyboard in the context of an avant-garde band) take nothing away from the genius of this music.

The whole "Khaooohs" starts in the characteristic Pan.Thy.Monium style, a short introduction with ticking clocks. Immediately after that, the band is serving the "right" playing. So, there is a death/doom metal sound, a lot of keyboard inserts, saxophone madness, a few unnecessary intros (you can just click through it) and...even bolder experiments, such as the handclaps of "Lömska Försåt"! But the biggest suprise here is definitely "Khaooohs I", a track mimicked live with an audience played (and generally a "troll" track), with very strange guitar effects and interestingly transformed Derelict's vocals. I am also aware that this is only one song that I have managed to describe in some detail so far, does not mean that the rest is not surprising either, you just have to experience it with your own ears, how strange and at the same time brilliant it is this music.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of the review, "Khaooohs" supposedly has a smaller "wow" effect, as was the case with "Dawn Of Dreams" and we know more or less in which direction Swedish music can drift. On the other hand, however, it's such a non-linear sound that it's difficult to refer to another band of the same type - their style is so unique. The guys from Pan.Thy.Monium had so many interesting ideas within one type of playing that they did not have to drastically change their style to create such excellent music as before. And they created, and it's a real masterpiece!

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