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Pan.Thy.Monium > Dawn of Dreams > Reviews > Paskkal
Pan.Thy.Monium - Dawn of Dreams

Strangest Death Metal I've Heard - 100%

Paskkal, March 6th, 2006

First off; I absolutely love this CD. There is nothing I would want to change in it and I believe it is truly a masterpiece. None of the 7 tracks in the CD have names, and there are no lyrics, simply the title on the front. I like the fact that the songs have no titles because it adds to the spontaneous sound that is pan.thy.monium. Swano claims to use his vocals in an instrumental way, without any lyrics and I think they sound very good to be improvised. The first track is over 20 minutes long and starts with clocks and strange fluttery saxophone sounds, but soon the guitars kick in and it starts off all progressive metal with melodic guitars and keys thrown in the mix. Soon it takes a more death metal style which is the most dominant of pan.thy.monium, with guttural vocals and heavy guitar riffs mixed with ambient keys. My personal favorite of this album is track 02 which is quite possibly my favorite song of all time, I just never get tired of it. This CD is definitely worth looking up and listening to, because pan.thy.monium have a truly unique sound and I think this album shows it in its purest form.