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Unhearlded genius! - 90%

Pratl1971, October 31st, 2011

This is some of the best doom metal I’ve heard since Hour of 13.

Pallbearer hails from Little Rock, Arkansas, yet sounds like Birmingham, England might have been a more logical suit. At nearly twenty-four minutes this three-track demo is every doom head’s perfect companion to the likes of Warning, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus or the aforementioned Hour of 13. Some very well-organized metal music is here without all of the bells and whistles of some of the more annoyingly predictable bands trying to replicate Black Sabbath.

The opening track is just acidic doom rock that just plunges your head into icy cold water and makes you take immediate notice. It’s powerful without pretension and heavy without saturation. Vocalist/Guitarist Brett Campbell offers a brilliant performance that is exactly what this style calls for in a simple, yet effective effort that is soaring and very much in the vein of Pat Walker from Warning. In fact, Warning would be a perfect comparison especially since I feel that Warning is the best doom band since St. Vitus. With the right amount of exposure these guys could be just as popular because this demo is great!

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Traditional Doom is not dead yet - 80%

AcidWorm, December 27th, 2010

Pallbearer is a band that is creating a bit of a stir in the doom underground with the release of this demo. Rightfully so for this is some of the freshest doom being released today. The band pays tribute to the pioneers of the genre, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, Candlemass amongst others while giving it a more death/doom spin on it.

The three tracks on offer here all provide something different. Legend opens up the demo with its beautiful mournful guitar melodies reminiscent of the Death/Doom pioneers My Dying Bride while formulating a strong bass line rooted in Saint Vitus. The vocalist has an excellent voice that is very gloomy and his nasally singing is like a cross between Ozzy and Messiah of Candlemass. Devoid of Redemption has a slightly faster bass line and the guitar tends to play along with the bass line instead of going off into its own melodies though Pallbearer does produce a nice solo that even Black Sabbath would have been proud of. This faster pace produces a bit of a groove and a much more neutral, almost emotionless effect. Pallbearer finishes this demo in a much needed doom cover of Gloomy Sunday. Gloomy Sunday began as a composition written by a Hungarian composer in the 1930s and has had numerous musical covers with the most notable being one by the famous jazz musician, Billy Holiday. Gloomy Sunday is known as the Hungarian suicide song and Pallbearer’s take is one that is particularly gloomy; A fine ending to a debut demo.

I recommend this demo to anyone who is a fan of the classic doom bands Saint Vitus, Candlemass and Pentagram. The band has made this available for free download so go ahead and download it.