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Pretty impressive for a demo. - 91%

XsoldoutX, February 1st, 2013

So here we have the first release from new Athens, Georgia blackened/post hardcore trio Pale Prophet and it's a pretty solid debut. These guys score points for a few reasons. The first being the presentation and packaging of the demo. The case is silk screened with the bands logo, comes complete with a lyric sheet and even the cd itself looks pretty nice. It's nice to see a band taking pride in what they release, even if it is just their first demo. Just because something is D.I.Y. doesn't mean it has to look like a turd and I'm glad they realize this. Secondly, the recording quality is quite good, so this could have very easily been released on vinyl as a 7" ep.

The music itself is (for the most part) mid-paced black metal influenced screamy metallic hardcore that would keep fans of either genre interested. There's a definite influence of the newer bands like Lake Of Blood, Deafheaven or even something with a slightly doomier feel. The vocals have a gruffer, thicker feel than most black metal vocals as they are lower in pitch than many bands. Overall it was an enjoyable listen and I'd recommend this to any hardcore kid who wants to explore the magical world that is black metal. However, I probably wouldn't recommend this for someone who is a black metal purist or who has their feet planted firmly in the "old school", or someone who scoffs at the combination of styles within the genre, as this is clearly metal played by people who are from the hardcore scene. I certainly wish there were more fast parts and I would be interested in a live show. Pretty promising first release, for sure.