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Original and captivating - 91%

Metalearth, January 18th, 2007

I have been waiting for the new POS album for quite some time now and since it is my favorite band, my expectations were high, perhaps a little bit too high. When I first heard this album, I couldn't help but feeling a bit disappointed. It's like nothing they ever done before (i.e. Disco Queen and Spitfall) and just didn't sound like POS. But for some reason it captivated me and I felt compelled to listen to it again and again. After listening to it about 25 times, I came to the conclusion that in fact it is a fantastic album with a lot of memorable songs and hooks.

This is not your vintage POS album so I wouldn't recommend it to people who are trying to get into POS, but just like any other POS album you need to give it time to let it sink in. What first caught my attention were the lyrics. They are mostly about anti-capitalism which is very clichy, so that was a little bit disappointing. What makes it better that Daniel gives his own twist to them making them more emotional, something which he excels at. I wish he would write more emotional lyrics like The Perfect Element and Remedy Lane. But all in all the lyrics aren't that bad.

Scarsick has virtually no solos, which is not very surprising since Daniel has stated time and time again that he doesn't really like playing solos. Still the solos that are there are perfectly timed. One of the strong points of the album is it's variety, no song really sounds the same. In Spitfall you can hear Daniel rapping, which works surprisingly well and Enter Rain sounds kind of Pink Floydish.

All in all it's a great album and hopefully it will continue to get better with each listen. I'm not gonna a track by track review, the stand out tracks are: Spitfall, Cribcaged, Disco Queen, Idiocracy and Enter Rain. The only song I didn't really like is Mrs. Modern Day Mary. I would recommend Scarsick to everyone, just remember to have an open mind.