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Another band lost to the corporation :\ - 32%

Aniland, April 29th, 2007

Many things have been said about this album. For one, this is the one Pain of Salvation album to have a notably low score on this site. Many claim that the band has sold-out, gone nu-metal, and have completely lost their delicious sound that has captured so many hearts.

What was my first impression of Scarsick? Well, it wasn't particularly good. It sounds like progressive rap-metal to me. Yes, Mr. Daniel Gildenlow actually raps to an extent in the title track. Luckily it does not last throughout the entire song, but after you hear some of the other stuff that the track has to offer, you'll wish that he'll start back up again. So, after living through the nightmare that is the intro track, we enter...oh Jesus...WTF. This song sounds very much like the first one, only with extra rap-metal influence. Now I'm starting to get a bit worried. Progressive metal should never, I repeat NEVER sound like Linkin Park.

So, combined, the first two tracks waste about fourteen and a half minutes of your valuable time :\. That's a pretty bad start for any album, especially when it is of a band with such a repuation like Pain of Salvation. We move onto "Cribcaged", which actually sounds like *GASP* traditional Pain of Salvation! Although the song isn't particularly enticing, it's nice to see that these guys haven't lost touch with their roots. Following this, we have the absurdly poppy, yet undeniably catchy "America". It takes influence from more anthematic hard rock. I actually find this to be the first notably good song that Scarsick has to offer.

Now it's time for "Disco Queen" to start and OH MY GOD......what the hell?? I'm not quite sure what the hell this piece is. I like experimental shit, but this is one of the most pretentious, pointless songs that you'll ever lay ears on. Complete with a poppy sound, a disco sound, mediocre female (possibly imitation) diva vocals, and an WTF flag sticking out of the top of it, this is one of the album's weakest moments. "Kingdom of Loss" features the first moment of actual beauty spawned from Salvation's '07 album. It sounds much more like their Remedy Lane days.

The alliterate "Mrs. Modern Mother Mary" is a strange track, which features in cheesy electronic sounds with intriguing progressive metal. Have you ever loved a song's lyrics, but you don't like the song itself? This was one of those songs for me. Unfortunately, Daniel does show a few moments of vocal interest in this track, although it doesn't stay throughout the song. "Idiocracy" is just as stupid as its title. Sir Gildenlow actually sounds mildly reminiscent of *twitch* Johnathis Davis *shudders into coma*. "Flame to the Moth" is nu-metal shit, highly reminiscent of Slipknot even (now that's an insult). The final track, "Enter Rain", is a ten-minute snoozefest, with only a few mildly good moments.

This is the St. Anger of Pain of Salvation. I highly do not recommend this album. If you do want to get into this band, look into Remedy Lane, one of progressive metal's best achievements.