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A good epigon band - 74%

davkov85, September 17th, 2004

Well this band is one of the rare representatives of European melodic HC-death metal. And they do quite well what they do.
As it seems, a new wave of melodic death metal came from America in Europe. So if you know Killswitch Engage or Shadows Fall, Pain Confessor is similar, but… those bands wrote improving and original album with fantasy, while Pain Confessor learnt “how to write melodeath/HC songs.” The album is enjoyable, but I couldn’t mention an outstanding song or catchy riff, an unexpected clean vocals… yes the clean vocals: they are also mediocre. The vocalist has a good voice but, again, as he tried to follow those American vocalists, and after a while it’s boring. Anyway, the guitar riffs are OK, I just lack the memorable melodies which are essential in this genre. The drumming, an doverall the musicians do their job very well, so there are no technical problems: maybe on the next album they would find their own voice. Until that, they are a well-done second class band.
The whole album is somewhere between strong mediocre and good. If you are an absolute fan of this genre, get it and won’t get disappointed. Otherwise or if you just want to get known the leader bands, try instead Killswitch Engage, Shadows Fall or Darkest Hour. Because they do it even much better.