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Birth of the true Pain - 95%

MaDTransilvanian, November 30th, 2008

Rebirth is Pain's second full-length album and it's pretty much the band's true debut seeing as how the self-titled debut album isn't very representative of Pain's overall sound. Peter Tägtgren's side project truly became special because of this album and subsequent efforts which evolved from the same idea.

Musically this is a considerable improvement over the debut album because on Rebirth Peter wrote catchy songs with much more prominent keyboard work which all stick in your head while still being metal (to some extent) and are still very far from pop or other music which relies on catchiness alone. The metal elements aren't so different from the debut album, the riffs and drumming tend to accomplish the same roles as before although there are none of the admittedly few idiotic riffs occasionally present on the S/T. The songs here are, like I mentioned before, catchy as hell and this is what makes the album amazing. Peter's clean vocals are as good as ever, somewhat better than the debut album I might say, the catchiness of the songs being aided by the nature of his vocals and their ever-increasing quality.

Electronic and even techno elements exist here and can be found in basically each song, which adds a lot to variety without making this weak, since Peter seems to be comfortable and competent at mixing all this together into a very enjoyable overall result. His skills as a producer don't really need to be mentioned anymore and the production on Rebirth is essentially perfect, ideally suited to this type of music.

Unlike the previous album each song sounds unique, different and is memorable. Naming highlights is pretty difficult since everything kicks ass for the most part, but I suppose that the opener, Supersonic Bitch, End of the Line, Suicide Machine, Parallel to Ecstasy and On And On might all be called highlights, but while I was trying to figure this list out I constantly wanted to add almost the entire album's worth of songs to it…Rebirth basically IS an album's worth of highlights thanks to Peter Tägtgren's incredible songwriting skills. Each song has some awesome unique element to it, like the operatic vocals on Parallel to Ecstasy or the slow-paced low vocals on Dark Fields of Pain, making the whole album exceedingly captivating and addictive to listen to.

This album is where Pain found their sound, where the winning formula with which they've now created five albums and counting was born. It's an excellent album which is definitely worth hearing by anyone open minded enough to enjoy electronic elements in their metal. You won't be disappointed because Rebirth is another masterpiece by one of the world's most talented musicians.