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I'm not really a great fan of this genre... - 80%

Cup_Of_Tea, March 7th, 2005

... but Pain has always been pretty close to my heart, maybe because it's a side project of Peter Tagtren, a rarely good artist, and the greatest death metal vocalist ever, IMHO.
Pain can be described as a band that consistes of two different kinds of music: The early space/industrial METAL(Pain, Rebirth) and the later industrial hardcore era(Nothing Else Matters and this one).
Now since both of those styles make me wanna shoot myself, I simply find this little band pretty amusing and not at all as shitty as the rest.

Peter does not actually make a lot of notice on tehnique here, so forget about any solo's or classic metal riffing(as I did say, it's more of a modern hardcore style with industrial effects), this is pretty simple and would be VERY sucky if Peter was not so good in songwriting. And there he manages to nail it pretty hard. The songs simply sound good, there is no higher theory or explanation but that one, and there are some incredibly catchy songs to be found on here.

Ok... Tear It Up, Don't Count Me Out, Stay Away and It's a Good Day To Die are simply as crappy as mallcore. The others, especially The Third Way and Same Old Song are very groovy and pretty good.

Oh, yes... and Peter Tagtren can sing real well, without the growls and stuff. His vocals are the best on this album, definetly.

It's a nice release, and I find it pretty nice, but I'd certainly rather listen to Bloodbath, Hypocrisy or Possessed. ;)