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Depression / Paganizer - 90%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

It’s getting more and more difficult to review Depression. You might wonder why, but it’s because I’m about to run out of words to describe them, without just repeating myself. It is absolutely wicked and old school, and they have a special sound which never changes. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, they’ve found their killer sound. But this is probably the most death metal I’ve heard them yet. It’s still old school deathgrind, but with a tad more death metal than usual. The dual growling really gets full effect when backed up by the grinding drums and hammering string work, accompanied by the psychotic screaming of Kai. It’s business as usual for these lads, creating powerful deathgrind keeping the old school banner flying proudly high up in the sky. It can be simplistic, intricate or just plain brute force, but it never lacks in energy nor groove. As I stated earlier I’m not really sure what else I can say about Depression that I haven’t said already – it’s just killer.

I’m not really sure what’s the deal with Paganizer on this here split. Two of the tracks are from their split 7” with Eroded, and the rest of the tracks are from various recording sessions (which is audible due to the varying sound). I’m not really sure if the rest of the tunes are from other splits over the years, if it’s demo tracks or what, ‘cause I honestly haven’t had the energy to go through their discography just to find the titles listed somewhere. And the tracklist is messed up since I can hear "Hell is already here" on track 17, but it says "Grinded and exiled", so I don’t know what’s going on… But, with that set aside I’ll try to actually review their part of the split. Some of the material is more or less your typical Paganizer, which means rough old school death metal. However there are a few tunes that really stands out from their ordinary roster, as "Grinded and exiled" (at least that’s what I guess it is) sounds like a brutal goregrind machine. "Fleshnaut" has a really groovy breakdown in its otherwise straightforward death, so there’s a lot of variety here. And the last three untitled tracks sound like it was either just a test recording, or maybe from an old demo since the sound’s not the best I’ve heard. But no matter what they never disappoint, and this is just as brutal of a mangle as always.

What is extra cool here is that the CD is enhanced with video’s of Depression’s "Leichenduft" from their split with Mesrine, and Paganizer’s "Gasmask obsession" from their split with Eroded (also available here). Wicked!

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