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This is fuckin awesome old school death metal! - 95%

Adrian_Grave, May 12th, 2008

Before I start, I just wanna say that anyone who listens to Swedish death will worship Paganizer's "No Divine Rapture" cd, and I'd also recommend everything else released by this band, I love all the Paganizer cds that I own. Paganzer is a good example of a band that tributes old school Swedish death metal properly. It sounds like a cross between Grave and (old)Entombed. The vocals sound familiar to Jörgen Sandström of Grave, and the guitaring sounds like Entombed (Clandestine era).

The guitars here have got that Stockholm style deep downtuned crunchy sound, there is alot of catchy thrash riffing here, aswell as fast paced death riffing which sounds awesome, and they also put some morbid melodies into some parts of the songs aswell as some doom (both of these give the cd a darker atmosphere).

The only catch is that trendy brootal kids and Dumbvourment fans (who only like metal that's "brootal" or fast) might not dig this, I couldn't give a shit though, this is pure old school death metal worship where they focus more on putting attitude into the music, and making the songs sound evil and making each song memorable, rather than just trying to make the songs sound like a blast beat shit fest. I'm a fan of anything as long as it's good, and Paganizer is just fuckin brilliant! They keep the listener entertained by constantly changing the pace of the music instead of just sticking to one pace. One of the main things that's important in a death metal band today, is being able to make each song sound different, rather than letting them all sound the same, this is where all the "brootal" trendy band wagon posers have failed miserably, each song on this cd is different and stands out on it's own.

The drumming is very catchy, typical Stockholm style thrash drumming, where the drummer doesn't blast beat as much as most of the American brootal death metal clones do, which is refreshing. The drummer does blastbeat from time to time, but whats good is that he sticks to the constantly changing pace of the music, don't get me wrong, the drumming is fast most of the time, but it's not a "look at how long I can hold a blastbeat" wankfest, and the drumming lets the guitaring stand out more by not trying to be a glory boy. Production wise, the drumming has got this awesome thick tone that gives the overall sound a heavier feel.

There's no point in singling out songs, because they are all consistantly awesome to more or less the same extent and they all offer variety and replayability, so there's no need to use the skip button on your cd player.

If anyone reading this review follows Paganizer then I want to say that they definately wont be disappointed, this cd is just as awesome as their last two efforts "Dead Unburied", and "Murder Death Kill", I'd say that this is a healthy mixture between the two, imagine "Dead Unburied" production with "Murder Death Kill" songwriting, in other words, just buy this album, then get every other Paganizer release you can lay your hands on because this band slays supreme, then buy Ribspreader's discography aswell, because Rogga (who is a music genius) from Paganizer is the mastermind behind that Ribspreader aswell (everything he touches turns to gold).

Anyone who is into old school death metal, the Swedish way, will love this release.