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Good - 85%

hexen, October 16th, 2007

I was immediately interested in this band based solely on their name, since the concept the band illustrates itself is thought – provoking, and this is admirable.

The music throughout the entire album is based on the basics of Heavy Metal, riffs are chugged and apparently, aren't meant to gravitate the masses like Dio and such did but demonstrate the seriousness of this project and the ideology they hold. Most of them are groovy, but speed also finds itself worthy in these structures, as Paganize tear through passages of technical guitar pieces and bass lines, with every portion of the music being defined and precise, without losing in on the usual technical aspects of the newer generation of Heavy Metal music.

The drums, assembled by Trym Torson of Emperor fame, are intricately put but never diminish the presence of the stringed instruments, this is not a percussion based project, but one were all instruments are able to compliment one another in the correct timing, of course this is the effort of experienced musicians.

The vocals are equally captivating, although tedious at times, they display a powerful range and provide a significant effect on whole essence of Paganism, whilst the vocalist isn't egregiously talented, he's decent enough to be admired for his skills and presence amongst the band.

Appreciate this music, although you won't find too much that hasn't been done before, this band have their own style on how to execute their songs, and keep the album interesting throughout, without losing in on any modern or older trends.