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PoBDZ3: Mapang! Wasak! - 65%

vrag_moj, July 4th, 2009

A quick, 2 track promo here from this Fillipino band. The sound is pleasantly raw with ripping guitar leads, unevenly bouncing clean bass in the background and a sure-footed rhythm section comprised of precise drums and a throbbing palm-muted, buzz-saw guitar. The vocals have a huge, over-the-top reverb over them dreadfully haunting the stereo mix.

The production isn't great and the band is nothing particularly original - old 80's german/brazilian thrash - the way it" meant to be really, but the songs are pretty good. There is a nice, fuck it, fuck you, let's thrash! feel about the songs - something about the brisk pacing and the slightly loose performance that makes this rather enjoyable. One other cool thing is that the second song is in what I'm assuming Tagalong. It's always good to see metal bands sing in their own language. "Mapang! Wasak!" the singer screeches in the chorus. It's head-bangingly great.

Incidentally I have recently read an interview with Paganfire in the Macedonian Vampir zine (#12 ?April 2007) where this band comes off as a curious combination of lucid rationalists when they speak of their contry's economic and social climate and a bunch of wankers when they talk about shooting posers. Extreme contrast for an extreme sound. I think this can only work well in extreme metal, right? Check them out if you have not already.

Originally published in Procession of Black Doom zine #3