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Great, of course - 93%

Noktorn, March 5th, 2008

What we have here is a little not-for-sale compilation of the original material from Pagan Hammer's first couple demos, plus a bonus track in the form of 'Vampyric Moonlight', which was featured on an old compilation that no one seems to have a copy of. Anyone who's heard the first couple demos knows what to expect (though this release lacks the cover tracks; probably a good idea, since they're generally the weakest point of Pagan Hammer releases): excellent droning/ambient black metal in the uniquely smooth and frozen style that the artist has cultivated so well. The tracks are still great, but you've likely already heard them. It's kind of nice to have them all in one place minus the weaker tracks, though.

The oddity here is 'Vampyric Moonlight', which is in a rather different style from all of Pagan Hammer's other material. Possessing real drums (rather hesitantly but still not entirely incapably by Vampyric Tyrant himself), it's a somewhat lurching, midpaced venture into a more gothic territory, with almost Type O Negative inspired winding guitar lines. It's not the traditionally epic sound that Pagan Hammer is known for, but it's an interesting spin on his normal style. Consider it an early career oddity, with its romantic and darkly emotive riffing and compositional richness. I listen to it a fair bit, and on the off chance that you actually get this, you likely will too.