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The Most Diverse and Catchiest Pagan's Mind - 97%

epicandrew, August 25th, 2011

On Enigmatic: Calling, Pagan's Mind had really created their defining sound, one that revealed a much more heavy sound to their albums. A new "Heavenly Force", if you will. On God's Equation, the guys decided to take their sound to an even heavier realm, a realm that proved to be most unpopular. However, in my opinion, they created their masterpiece album and greatest work to date.

The album starts off with a soothing tone set by "The Conception", but shortly after hits you with a massive force that is the title track of the album, "God's Equation". This song has everything that this album is all about: heavy riffs, melodic and extremely catchy choruses, and impressive guitar work, yet still retains a heavy progressive element. The album continues on with songs that will please any fan of progressive metal, heavy riffing, or amazing lyrical and vocal talents via Nils K. Rue.

This tone keeps going until we approach the extremely skippable David Bowie cover track, "Hallo Spaceboy". While I admit they do the cover justice, I feel as if the song should have been placed at the end of the disc as it really seems to throw you off. I usually skip this track.

The last half of the album is definitely the weaker half of the album. Tracks like "Alien Kamikaze" and "Osiris' Triumphant Return" are still enjoyable, but are the obvious weaker tracks on the album.

There isn't enough I can say about the instrumentation of this album. The guitar solos are by far their best work to date. The guitar riffs also allow Nils's voice to really shine. His vocal melodies have never been stronger. The drums are effective and very in your face. Stian Kristoffersen is definitely not holding back anything on this album (as he did on the subsequent album "Heavenly Ecstasy".)

Overall, I believe the album is extremely catchy. These songs WILL get stuck in your head and you'll wanna sing along. Those kinds of albums are my favorites. These songs are, in my opinion, the most memorable of Pagan's Mind's career.