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P.H.T.O > Affliction > Reviews > Esteroth666
P.H.T.O - Affliction

Affliction - 83%

Esteroth666, November 28th, 2012

PHTO, a french depressive black metal band who has a quite good reputation, not only for their music but for their history and the things they provoke in their shows such as the crowd cutting themselves. Saddy cutting himself on stage is not the only thing they're known for, but for Molasar's suicide (R.I.P.). He committed suicide around early January of 2011, and that had caught some attention.

Affliction, is a success and that's what makes them different from other french black metal bands. It consists of five tracks that gives the listener an overwhelming feeling of melancholy. Not only Saddy's tortured, mournful vocals is what gives these dark feelings but also the guitars riffs accompained by the bass and Alrinack's backing vocals. Tremolo picking is being very well executed by Malkov throughout almost the whole album at a mid-tempo, but also the clean notes used in some intros and some different parts played at a very well executed slow-tempo being accompained by some spoken words lines. I'm not very sure who played the drums but it had to be Molasar. The drums are perfectly executed with blast beats throughout the whole album at a varied slow, mid, and fast-tempo. All lyrics are written in french but it still enjoyable for those that don't understand french.

They had a few line up changes since Molasar's suicide, being replaced by Crow who left the band in early 2012 for personal reasons, but being replaced by Bartuk later on. The band played a show using a boombox because they couldn't find a drummer after Crow left, but regardless of that the band gave their all and did an awesome job as always. I'm glad I checked them out, they're worth listening to and I'm looking forward to their future releases.