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Under Cover - 72%

mistere, August 15th, 2008

Here we go again, yet another band does a covers album. The main difference is that this is Ozzy Osbourne, who throughout both Black Sabbath and his Solo career has caused many bands to cover his OWN work.

'Rocky Mountain Way' starts off the album well, as although different from his own style he sings it well and the musicians convert it to a more modern sound without ruining it. 'In My Life' is also another good cover, especially if you prefer slower songs, but it is followed by the lacklusture 'Mississippi Queen', which does not suit Ozzys vocal style at all. Normally, every time someone plays me 'Go Now' I automatically turn it off as I cannot stand it. Ozzys version however is actually rather good, and I was quite impressed by his version. 'Woman' and '21st Century Schizoid Man' are also both strong songs, '21st' especially being a highlight of the album, but it's a shame they're followed by 'All the Young Dudes', which is normally a good song. This however, is not a good song. The music sounds lazy and Osbourne's Vocals are uninspired.
'For what it's Worth' and 'Good Times' are decently done, while not brilliant they're not bad either, and 'Sunshine of your Love' falls into the same category, albeit slightly better.
We then come to the last three songs, starting with Arthur Browns 'Fire', which is done so admirably by Ozzy, that it could be the best song on the album. 'Working Class Hero' is also one of the better covers, and it does quite well, a very good attempt at a brilliant song.
'Sympathy for the Devil' though, is the opposite. It sounds like any other cover, it does not add any of Ozzy's normal flourish into it, it is just a bad end to a decent album, which, apart from a couple of half-hearted peformances and filler