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No More Tears, No more ideas... - 60%

Axel_Rudi, February 14th, 2006

First of all Ozzy's new album,titled "Under Cover" is just an adaptation by Ozzy's favourite songs - including "In My Life" from The Beatles and "Working Class Hero" from John Lennon - so we shouldn't rate it as an original studio album.

The opening track,"Rocky Mountain Way" is more dynamical and energetic than the original Joe Walsh-version,however,it's no wonder after more than three decades,considering the evolution of the metal genre."Mississippi Queen" has the same flavour,and the progressive lyrics of King Crimson's "21st Century Shizoid Man" perfectly match the dark Ozzy-style, reminding me the classical Black Sabbath-era, which I fell in love with his sound because of. "All the Young Dudes" from Mott the Hopple doesn't appeal to me. "For What It's Worth" is one of the worst songs of the album I think, altough "Good Times" is at least as bad, if not worse, than Worth is. Much to my astonishment Ozzy levels up his album at the end, after hearing "Sunshine of Your Love","Fire" is the very redemption for me, maybe just because I listened off my ass with the classic rock cd which it is on. The next song," Working Class Hero" is Osbourne's personal favourite. The song is really excellent,but not from Ozzy's mouth. It's not his style. And the joke in the whole thing, he's singing "a working class hero is something to be",however Osbourne, the Godfather of Heavy Metal, the Prince of Darkness has sold over 50 million copies of his albums worldwide and ranked #485 in the 'Sunday Times Rich List' in 2005; even though more than half a hundred official releases during 35 Years behind his back he produced one of the most successfull career in the history of heavy metal, but now he has to sing songs written by another musicians.What happened? "No More Tears", No more Ideas?

All in all the new album is listenable,but if you haven't bought it yet, I advise don't do it."Under Cover" is not a masterpiece,not a milestone in the metalhistory, it is just an evanescent laconicity for a die-hard metal fan.