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Cellar of madness - 95%

Genzel, August 2nd, 2008

This has to be the best "official" live album from Ozzy Osbourne. Nice set of songs, happy mood and balanced, if somewhat upbeat performance from all the band members. Ozzy recorded enough material for a long tour, which never was completed due to the tragic, yet historical, death of Ozzy’s short time friend Randy Rhoads. This band started it all. It catapulted Ozzy to stardom, and what of an attitude to do that! Killer setlist, depth and mood clinging to the heights and the band playing like there was no tomorrow.

Ozzy’s first studio album, Blizzard Of Ozz, steals the attention here from his younger brother Diary Of A Madman and from some of the early Sabbath tunes. There are fast paced tunes, there are some personal moments and there are ballads. But the best song in the set is, from Diary Of A Madman, called Believer. It really steps up a notch from the studio version and sends messages that are so deep as is the Atlantic ocean. It's Ozzy’s the most less silly song he's ever done, with his ballsqueezing main riff, some cool drum fills and an excellent bass sound all over the song. The song orded is just brilliant. After the shockwaves from I Dont Know to Crazy Train we're getting the best songs of the set first.

And the track selection is brilliant what comes to the mixture of Believer/Mr.Crowley/Flying High Again, it just blends nicely together. Suicide Solution and Children Of The Grave are two spine chilling great hard rock tunes played with full steam. There are three ballads, however, Revelation( which comes in the middle of the set), Goodbye To Romance, which is nicely blended with Randys good restraint and the short aquistic number "Dee", which is another personal favorite.

All hammered together, it’s a good package of awesome metal, in it’s very original form, with the most original performers.