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Damn! - 99%

FatalStrike, September 1st, 2002

We'll I can't say much against one of my favorite live albums of all time. This album has it all. Almost everry good song of of Ozzy's first two albums, Randy Rhoads shredding all over the place, Ozzy's vocals at their best, excellent drumming and bass, and decent quality. For some people who a) never got to see Randy play live, or b) are too young to have seen him play live, this album is a decent substituted. Highlighting the shere talent the guy had at such a young age.
The album opens with I Don't Know, a classic tune from Ozzy's first album. The album then moves on to Crazy Train, which sounds a hell of alot better live. The plodding Believer comes next, another good song, that is followed by Mr. Crowley, and Flying High Again. The album picks up again with Revelation Mother Earth, one of my favorites on the album, as Randy shreds the pick up around mid song, and a great intro as well. Steal Away follows, another good paced song, that blends with Revelation very well, a cool drum solo follows the song. Suicide Solution follows, and is the pinnacle of the album, a good song coupled with Randy's jaw opening solo afterward is classic. Next comes a little bit of Iron Man, no time change, so it's passable. Randy then shreds all over Children of the Grave, making the song sound better than ever. Then comes Paranoid, which is just one of the best renditions I've heard. Then Comes Goodbye to Romance, which isn't one of my favorites, but it is a nice addition. Then comes No Bone Movies, a boring one in my opinion. Then comes a very cool look at Randy putting together his classical song Dee from the first album. A great way to end this tribute to one of the best guitarists.
Go buy this!