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Sinfully good - 100%

Genzel, October 18th, 2006

When Ozzy fattened himself with greasy foods and switched the focus of his music into real media playground, a total toaster and owner live video was born. Filled with fantastic metal set, Ultimate Ozzy was a much of a live show that would never lose its glory. Playing with self- disclipne, Ozzy sounds great and has with him along with a total killer setlist, the "Japanese Punisher" guitarist Jake.E.Lee.

Ozzy hits very good powerbombs as he hammers through his four album long solo career and fantasticly focuses on his range and stamina as a metal singer. Howls and breathtaking moments with the dark Bark At The Moon all the way towards the hypnotic Secret Loser, no secrets arent unrevealed and no stones unturned. Fear the greatest metal architect!