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Epic tunes from the master of metal - 98%

Genzel, December 4th, 2007

This has to be the best live album from Ozzy Osbourne, and I am courageous enough to suggest that this is the best live album in the history of heavy metal. Ozzy is surrounded by great musicians such as the hard rock sounding lead guitarist Brad Gillis who plays the Randy and Sabbath material with a touch of hard rock. Rudy Sarzo plays the bass, and Tommy Aldrirge the drums. Don Airey gently and with good musicianship plays the keyboards.

The set is direct material from Ozzys Black Sabbath era and, of course, material from his first two solo albums. With this current material, you just simply couldn't make a bad set. Classic Diary Of A Madman tunes such as "Over The Mountain", "Believer" and "Flying High Again" are included. Blizzard Of Ozz is presented in its most glittering light and played entirely except for the fast paced hard rock song, No Bone Movies, which is quite forgettable tune from the first solo release.

All in all, this has to be better than the much praised "Tribute" album, with Randy Rhoads on guitar. As to ask why, I'd say that this album is more darker, sinister, rocking and has better set than "Tribute" did. In "Tribute" there is this odd "happy feeling" in the air that makes the album slightly cheesy. This album is everything that metal is about. The video is pretty boring, except few things( a midget hungn in the middle of the stage), so I suggest that you record this show to a cassette.