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The Final Frontier - 100%

Genzel, July 13th, 2010

The Final Frontier

Sure, there are depressing moments, akward singing and somewhat one dimensional lyrical production, but no one can argue if Ozzy didnt this time deliver a solid studio album once again. I wont listen to the other comments about this masterpiece, because music isn't rational: its all about emotion. And if you arent a sensitive person who likes to talk about feelings, dont listen to Ozzy! Because Ozzy is all about emotion. Ozzy clamped up a solid metal album and is now the ruling prince in the metal industry. Not Ozzy only in his solo career defined classic rock, he also made a truly groundbreaking revelations with the Scream- album. Scream album is an original release, which defines modern heavy metal music.

Scream consists on hard rockers, sheerly sensitive love ballads and some Black Sabbath- inspired atmosphere. Let It Die sets Dio in grave for good, with being testosterone filled badass rocker. Let Me Hear You Scream wins the old school Sabbath fans into Ozzys side with this two dimensional effect. Life Wont Wait is the testament of the Godfather of both classic and modern rock, while Digging Me Downs digs up very deep brain orgasms. Soul Sucka sucks the listener into a hypomania. There are also lots of aquistic intros, that fits for Ozzys artist profile. Ozzy screams and rages through his songs in this one.

Ozzy sounds evil, fresh and emotional like never before. Ozzy has showed up to this point that he is a capable song writer. Scream is one of Ozzys strongest albums and best since Ozzmosis. Lyrics creates a deep and dark atmosphere, although they start at some point to be somewhat repertitive. Lyrics are one of Screams highlights. On Latimer's Case Ozzy sings like in Eternal Funeral or Little Dolls. The doomy sound and the asswipe styled band playing gets the job fairly done. The new Guitarist Gus. G sounds excactly like Zakk Wylde, althought being a way better. Lets hope this is the last chapter in Ozzys career, what a great way to finish a career! Get this album or Ozzy will get you!