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Great Single - 85%

samshroyer, December 23rd, 2006

I was lucky enough to find this single for $5.99 used at my local FYE, and I was kind of excited because this is the first, and only, single I own. On top of that, I owned every Ozzy album, and there were some rare unreleased songs on it.

I went home and listened to this single. There was a version of Perry Mason, which was shortened by about a minute or so (There was intro), the album version of Perry Mason, an unreleased song, Living with the Enemy, and another unreleased song that I already owned from the remastered version of Ozzmosis, The Whole World’s Fallin’ Down.

Perry Mason is an awesome track, one of the heaviest on the Ozzmosis album actually. The guitar solo is great and the bass riffs are awesome. There isn’t very much to say about the edited version of Perry Mason, except that it was shortened. Living with the Enemy is a nice, slow ballad that is pretty catchy. The intro guitar solo is kind of like Road to Nowhere from No More Tears, but probably not as good. And the last song on this single, The Whole World’s Fallin’ Down, is the best song on here. If it was on Ozzmosis, which I personally think it should’ve been, it would have been the heaviest song on the album. The guitar riffs in this song are amazing, as well as the solo. The chorus will also stick in your head for a long time after you listen it, just like many other of Ozzy’s songs.

So once again this is the only single that I own, so I don’t have anything to compare it to really. However, I do recommend that if somehow you find this single in a record store or something, I think that you should spend a couple bucks and pick it up. Any die-hard Ozzy fan definitely needs this in their collection.