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It should be called Ozzmos-shit... - 35%

evermetal, October 19th, 2009

[Sound of phone ringing] “Yes?” “Hey, Geezer, this is Ozzy, how are you?” “I’m fine mate, and you?” “I’m okay now. Listen Geezer, would you like to make an album together? I have some great ideas. ”Something like the Diary… album?” “No man, who wants to listen to this crap nowadays? I’m working on some shit that will play massively on the radio worldwide. We will make it big time!” “Sure lad, you can count me in”. This is totally fictional but could be the true beginning of the making of horrible release that haunted our dreams in 1995.

Ozzy had revealed some years before that he wanted to retire. He could have done so and go down in style. But he just couldn’t leave things the way they were. He was damn sure his new album would be adored by the fans and hopefully by the music media. His old friend Butler on the bass, Zakk Wylde on the guitars and Dean Castronovo on the drums, man what a band this would be! Well I say shit!!

Indeed Ozzmosis was released in 1995 and entered the charts at high places, while the press praised his come-back. But some of us did not bite the bait, because this album sucks big time! Where the heavy metal we all love? Where are the riffs, the melodies and the heavy stuff we’ve been waiting to hear from THIS man? Ozzmosis makes No More Tears look like a masterpiece. I have heard that Lemmy of Motorhead has participated. How did he make such a mistake?

The album lacks, almost completely in inspiration and speed. The songs are mid-tempo and boring to death. The somewhat heavy guitars don’t have the strength to fill in the space but only in a few parts. The rhythm section is disastrous and the only good thing, oddly enough, is the vocals. Songs like Ghost Behind my Eyes and My Little Man have nothing interesting to offer and are not worthy of his mostly glorious past. Plus this awful ballad called Old L.A. Tonight. I feel sorry to say all those things but this is the truth. If he aimed for a wider audience, he succeeded.

The only songs that survive the wreckage are the opener Perry Mason which is quite heavy and has a pretty good riff, and the semi-ballad I Just Want You that is simply awesome, both melodic and heavy, an oasis in the desert of dullness in the album. Also the song Whole World’s Falling Down, which is basically a bonus track in my CD, reminds a bit of the good, solid stuff he has written in the past. But here’s where it ends. The rest are boring and irritating at times.

With Ozzmosis, the once great artist tried to make a fresh come-back and show that he is back on the metal track. Instead he made a big pile of shit that can be better used as playing go and fetch with your dog. Or else you can flash it down your toilette. It makes no difference. Only the name Ozzy Osbourne on the cover keeps me from throwing it away. He totally fucked things up!