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Anal Cunt song title! - 20%

UltraBoris, August 26th, 2002

"I refuse to retire (I'm gay)". Or, "It Only Gets Worse". As if you thought that No More Tears was bad, here's something that gets even more fucking boring, not to mention having the single dumbest album title ever.

So we start off really promising. "Perry Mason" alone gives this album 15 more points than it should have - this is just a great song, that every once in a while Ozzy manages to come up with, for no apparent reason. It is entirely coincidental and is no way related to the fact that he has an IQ of 47.

"I Just Want You" - has anyone ever noticed that the lyrics say "I don't ask for much, I just want you", wow wouldn't that make you feel really special? "Oh by the way, you're human diarrhea, not much at all..." - fucking dumbcunt love song. Blows ass. Though I gotta mention, that "I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired" is really so stupid that it's clever. But it's so much more convincing when Blitz snarls it. You figure out what song - if you spent your time listening to bands like that, not bands like this, you'd get somewhere in life.

"Ghost Behind My Eyes" - again, blows ass. The problem with most of these songs is that they are very, very slow and very, very whiny. Well, not really slow, just plodding and midpaced. They don't ever pick up the pace and fucking shred. Ever. A few of Ozzy's songs are midpaced and catchy. The overwhelming majority are midpaced and crappy.

"Thunder Underground" - see above, all these songs really sound all the fucking same. "See You on the Other Side", does that imply you're going to FUCK OFF AND DIE?!

Why no, it means he'll write more total fucking shit. The rest of the album has no redeeming virtues. "Tomorrow". "Denial". Boring! "My Little Man" and "My Jekyll Doesn't Hide" - look, the fact is, you used so many drugs that your penis fell off during the '86 tour, and writing odes to it won't grow it back, so stop talking about it!!

"Old LA Tonight" - okay the fact that I even managed to listen this far, just to be rewarded with another complete fucking snoozefest makes me a fucking retard. Ya know, when this album was about to be released, I had so much hope for it. "No More Tears" had sucked, but when they played "Perry Mason" on the radio....

Damn you, false hope!!! Damn you, having precisely one good song surrounded by complete feces!! Damn you, Ozzy, and damn the horses you fuck too!