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A mixture of fantasy and fiction - 99%

Genzel, June 6th, 2009

Even though this album is Ozzy in his most authentic state, the scenery, mood and balance of the album is more of a fantasy oriented. Zakk is on the top of his game, pinning lightning fast and juicy riffs, solos and pinch harmonics. Ozzy does music from his heart. He is authentic person and published this album to show how. This artistic flavour of heavy metal, is made with passion and with a willing spirit. He did most of his music in mid 1980's with a little or no control over his sound or songs, thats why those years not only butchered Ozzy's already short lifespan, but made him to do some really stupid things. The material from mid 1980's may be disliked slightly by the master of metal himself, but most fans love them and thats what counts. His solo career is argued to have something to do to compete with Sabbath, but there is no need to go into that more specificly.

Music here is monstrously brilliant mix of both resiliance, top notch production and all out open minded song delivering. The two track run which Ozzy did on the tour of this album will not get even almost the right way of what this album is all about. Perry Mason, Tomorrow and My Jekyll Doesn't Hide are thunderous, sheerly mad blend of sludgy and juicy metal alongside with really catchy choruses. The psychedelic See You On The Other Side WILL get you to the other side, both literally and metaphorically. Every song has diversion what comes into lenght( Ozzmosis is presenting the most lenghty Ozz tunes of all time) and to this melodramatic and emotion consuming style. Aimee and Old L.A Tonight are incredibly uplifting and songs full of life spirit, vitality, energy and optimism.

Ozzy screams and roars in his lyrics, giving his most authentic performance in his entire solo career, and career generally, for that matter. Zakk played hundreds of shows with Ozzy to this point, and his fingers are ready for tapping the most exciting, awe inspiring and melodic material. As with the sound, this album is way overproduced, polished, but it grows every listen more attractive. The insanely chaotic and prodigal overall sound showcases of the willing spirit of the entire band. Blizzard of Ozz was almost as exciting as a friday night out and Ozzmosis falls to the same category, even though being way more fun. In the long nights and midnight oil burning moments in Paris or with old pals, Ozzy delivers arguably his best album since Black Sabbath from the 1970's. Ozzy sounds authentic, because he now does music not only sober, but with a sound of innocent charm, like a newborn baby.

This album is the salvation what we were looking for when we started listening to heavy metal. The album is really heavy, psychedelic and twists and scrumbles thorough your mind like a hurricane and you end up wondering: "What in the world was that?". This album owns the living crap out of the metal mammoths Blizzard of Ozz and Bark At The Moon, because there are anymore no difference between fantasy and fiction. Except, that is, Ozzmosis. Ozzy does get some low rates from his fans, because his exciting savour in his lenghty solo career is overshadowed by his public and private persona.