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Please, just go away. - 50%

hells_unicorn, May 22nd, 2009

Yet another extremely repetitive and hypnotic offering from the well of “Black Rain”, Ozzy’s second single for said album “Not Going Away” takes a slightly different road and tries to put a little bit of a “No More Tears” spin on his recent love affair with Black Label Society. It’s uncertain that the ridiculously similar sound that this song has with Zakk Wylde’s other project stems from him taking more control over the songwriting process or if Ozzy had some direct input on taking this road from the get go, but the result is the same, a song that is so utterly predictable and pop oriented that it can’t be enjoyed by anyone who looks for intricacy of any type in music.

The song is basically lead by a singular idea that merges the fanfare chorus style heard on “No More Tears” with a smattering of groove metal. The main riff definitely has a strong Pantera vibe to it, being only slightly more interesting than a lot of what was heard on “Down To Eath”. There is a tiny bit of a Sabbath meets Southern rock idea thrown in for a bridge and a interlude featuring raw vocals that sound pretty silly, but at least changes things up a little. And to top it all off, just like with “I Don’t Want To Stop”, Zakk throws in another crazy shred fest to try and make up for a couple minutes of torture listening to Ozzy trying to sound evil to really dry sounding riffs that only sound wet because of a sludgy guitar character.

Apparently Ozzy seems hell bent on not going away, and he had a collection of boring music videos on regular rotation on MTV about 2 years ago to prove it. I’m sure that 10 years from now when Ozzy becomes wheel chair bound we’ll be treated to another collection of 9 or 10 songs of this caliber. Truth be told, there’s really only a couple of things that separates this from most of the pop/rock bands that are selling really big right now, and those are age, slightly less tattoos and bigger facial hair.