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Excellent scream-a-long chorus bonanza - 85%

morbert, November 16th, 2007

That’s right. Most of the songs on ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ are really catchy. This is the albums most important strongpoint. Second strongpoint is Zakk Wylde’s sound which is sleazy just like Jake Lee before him but also heavy, resulting in the (productionally speaking) heaviest album so far.

The album immediately starts off with three of the best songs. ‘Miracle Man’ and ‘Crazy Babies’ are both catchy as well as heavy. Good riffs and excellent vocal lines. ‘Devil’s Daughter’ has a very strong chorus and the same goes for ‘Bloodbath In Paradise’.

Even the lesser classic songs on the album have plenty to offer such as excellent riffs (‘Tattooed Dancer’), or interesting dynamics and diversity (‘Fire In The Sky’), I must stress I have this album on vinyl so I do not know nor can I judge the song ‘Hero’.

I have always found the contradiction on ‘No Rest for the Wicked ’ intriguing. It was his sleaziest album in the eighties but also the most heavy. This is really a compliment to both Zakk Wylde and the producing duo Keith Olsen and Roy Thomas Baker. Also Ozzy’s vocal performance on this album is remarkably good. Add to this a very good album cover which suits the atmosphere of the album. For some reason the brownish sepia colours match Wylde’s guitar sound (does that make sense? For me it does). On this album everything falls perfectly together.