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Will this forever remain his last decent album? - 70%

morbert, November 15th, 2007

Will this forever remain his last good album? 70

The second album with Wylde on guitars rveals some slight changes in the Ozzy sound. The production is heavier than before though less dirty and sleazy, there are more ballads and the overall sound has become nineties proof.

Even though I never liked eighties bands going ‘nineties proof’ and thought there was nothing wrong with Ozzy’s eighties sounds, I liked ‘No More Tears’. You cannot go wrong with the powerful opener ‘Mr. Tinkertrain’ which could have come straight from ‘No Rest For The Wicked’ is terms of riffs, energy and even an eighties raise-your-fists and-sing-a-long chorus.

Judging by the title you’d have thought ‘I Don't Want To Change the World’ would be a ballad. Fortunately it is not. It’s a plain rock song that sounds rather harmless right after Mr Tinkertrain. Second highlight on the album is the epic title track. The good production really pays off here and I’ve always liked the prominent bass guitar on this song. It is the best song on the album and a classic in Ozzys entire discography.

Other rocking highlights include ‘Hellraiser’ (which gives me an ‘Ultimate Sin’ feeling at times), ‘Zombie Stomp’ and the verses of ‘A.V.H.’ (the chorus is rather poor). The ballads on this album aren’t all bad but there are already too much of them. ‘Mama, I'm Coming Home’ is pretty enjoyable once in a while but it has been played too many times on the radio.

As whole I always found ‘No More Tears’ to be the least interesting album compared to anything preceding it but still good. Afterwards, looking back 15 years, I unfortunately consider it to be the last good Ozzy album and I’m still hoping he’ll someday release an album equally good to this one at least.