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Ozzy's last masterpiece... - 90%

Wacke, January 25th, 2008

After a real successful decade for Ozzy Osbourne as a solo artist he entered the 90's with "Just Say Ozzy" but it was with "No More Tears" he really showed how he had changed within the 90's. Except for the Randy Rhoads albums Ozzy have never really been sticking with the same style for more than 2 albums so it's the same with "No More Tears". It shows uss a darker & maybe a more epic sound than the previous releases & in this case it's still showed that Ozzy were on top in the early 90's.

The album starts off with the excellent "Mr. Tinkertrain", a song that starts off with a bunch of kids argue with each other to then break into a cool song. "I don't wanna change the world" is a fan favorite but I've never got the thing with it, sure it's good but far from being the best song Ozzy have done. The 3rd track is an awesome power-ballad called "Mama, I'm coming home". It's a really powerful song & defenitely on of Ozzy's better & overall few good ballads. "Desire" is the first really kick ass song on this album & the best so far, co-written with Motörhead's Lemmy. The 5th track is the title track, a great epic & heavy tune with one of Zakk Wylde's best guitar solos ever. The rest of the album is pretty much good average songs except for another Lemmy co-written song called "Hellraiser". It's my favorite track from this album, my all time Ozzy favorite along with "Bark At The Moon" & a couple of Randy Rhoads songs & the song that's responsible for my love to Metal music. It was that song, that turned me into this kind of music & man I'm glad for that!

The production is awesome, it fit the music very good & I think that's one of the main things that make this album so good. Everything sounds just awesome, the vocals, guitars, you name it. Since I'm a drummer I'm a big fan of Randy Castillo who's the drummer on this album & his drumming sounds fantastic, especially with this albums drum sounds. 2 other great things with this album is the excellent singing from Ozzy & the ultimate screaming & heavy guitar sound of Zakk Wylde's.

As you probably already understand after reading this so far, I think the cast is doing a fine job on this album. This might be the top point of Zakk's career aswell as one of the best times for Ozzy. They're magnificent all the way through everyone of them.

After this album Ozzy's music have never been this good, I didn't like much at all from "Ozzmosis", I just liked some parts from "Down To Earth" & "Black Rain" was really good but not a masterpiece. Ozzy's music will probably never as it once were but at least we got those good album he've made back in the day for the rest of our lives. Let's just hope that he'll be as good as he were on this album once again...