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One of Ozzy's Titans - 96%

Genzel, October 14th, 2009

With the overbearing feeling of Ozz being thrown out completely by stalking losers, he softened his style to confirm the sixth studio outing of his solo career. With pressing the listeners with long hairy solos and new authentic lyrics, No More Tears is a really blessed effort. Osbournes 90's music is his best. After the album Ozzy went on a blessed tour for another multi smash hit album "live and loud". Ozzys musical style went from screaming wild rock towards bluesy and speed offering. Ozzy Osbourne put on a quite of an effort while short on ideas, he did music from within his authentic heart, spirit and mind.

The songs are classical Ozz tunes. They compete with Diary and Bark as with quality and style. S.I.N is another dark tune with shadows creeping over the listener. I Dont Want To Change The World and Desire are both mini stompers, with hard rock stretching harder than Ozzy ever in a gym. No More Tears and the slurpy ballad Time After Time have the aquistic intro that mimics the end side of Diary. The song structure is pretty simplistic and is spinning around the lyrics and solos. Ozzys music was now more of a pop hooks and shred based offering, and no longer there was so much hard rock style. Lyrics are indepth descriptions of life, feelings and saddness and grief. Zakk plays fast and wicked, Randys drums sound like nuclear bombs and Daisleys intelligent bass ground is as sensitive than in the Diary of A Madman days. There was no more Over The Mountain styled speedy drum fills, but some really fresh guitar snaps by Zakk.

As with tactics, the band offers an "ass on the wall" playing with Zakk pulling awesome guitar solos, licks, squeals and other miserable crap that he got through with it at that time. Daisleys soft and reborn bass touch alongside with Lemmys glamourish and legendary lyrical depth, the album sounds what heaven would sound if there was any music. A real "Hello" is a good word for this unappreciated metal diamond, because listeners seem to neglet the greatness of this album. With being commercially as succesfull as Blizzard, Ozz took to his solo shows a lots of tracks from this album. Its one of the rare remasters which got through with being not marshally devoured, but kept soft in the remaster process. Its one of the best albums in Ozzys later solo career, and stands on his own to the 80's material. Ozzy Osbourne made his best albums in the 90's and I think that this lineup was the classic Ozzy lineup.