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Storming introduction - 100%

Genzel, August 2nd, 2008

The first live album by Ozzy Osbourne. Could the front man of Black Sabbath cut it on his own? Was the music now pop rock? The answers are, yes and no. Indeed, Ozzy shows us that he has a great arsenal of ideas and a riffbanging lead guitarist alongside with talented drummer and verbally gifted basist. The music is pure heavy metal and somewhat progressed towards classic music, but most of it is the music that Ozzy has been doing for forty years.

The set gives us three tunes, not much, but the quality counts. You Said It All is a scything fast paced hard rock song and after its been played, Randys guitar MUST be on fire. Flaming riffing, torturing lyrics and impressive credibility and stability as a song, its one of the very gems of Ozzy Osbourne's large song catalogue. Ozzy really notched after the end of his Sabbath era songs, and this track is one of the best hard rock tunes of all time.

The second song is the spooky and occultistic Mr. Crowley, which has two long solo parts, the second being the best, and it almost overwhelms the listeners mind with its possessive style. Mr.Crowley proved at this point to make a MUST have in any of Ozzy's setlists.

The last song is Suicide Solution. Simple riff, but proggressive and mysterious lyrics, the song builds up and ends to Ozzy moaning and frightening the hell out of the listener. The last two songs, Mr.Crowley and Suicide Solution presents in a good way of Ozzy's out of control and obsessed mind, which would later show on his second studio album.

After this live album Ozzys career went to uphill and the journey to the madness of heavy metal was just beginning...

Mr.Crowley - 95%

terrorsatan, December 11th, 2005

When I first saw this E.P in a record fair in Oslo not long ago, I expected this to be just another one of those live tracks that we have all heard a 1000 times before. But since the price was so low, and I am a die hard Ozzy fan, I decided to buy it anyway. Can`t say that I regret that desicion.

On the a-side there is only one song: Mr.Crowley, witch I belive is a well known song to anybody that are likely to read this. The keyboard intro on this live version is cut down a bit. But the song is still longer than the origilnal studio track, because the solos are longer here. Specialy the last outro solo is much longer, witch is good since that solo has always been one of my favourites. All in all I must say that this live version is just as good, if not better than the original.

The b-side consists of two tracks: You said it all and suicide solution. You said it all is a track that never got recorded in studio. And as far as I know, this is the only version ever to be caught on tape.
The song is a standard Ozzy track. Not particulary good, compared to other Ozzy classics, but it got a fantastic solo in it that saves the day (R.I.P RR). May be a bit too long but who cares? The suicide solution version here is just ok, nothing more nothing less. I mean its a wondrerful song, but this live version gives me nothing more than to listen to the studio version.

All in all this is a great E.P for all fans of Ozzy and Randy Rhoads. The songs are recorded on the blizzard of ozz tour october 1980. So the sound is not very good, but unlike alot of other of Ozzy`s live albums, this sounds real in the sence that it sounds like nobody has mixed and fixed stuff like errors in the songs and thing like Ozzy sings wrong. That is a good thing in my ears, because it shows what a great band Ozzy had at the time. So if you like Ozzy, dont hesitate buying this. (if you can find it of course)