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Tired Ozzy - 85%

Genzel, July 2nd, 2009

With Ozzy gone totally insane if you look at the Osbournes, this live album would not give an another listen, except that its Ozzy. Ozzy never gives up, not his life or his music. With the tired Down To Earth offering, Ozzy tries to salvage what we call "a tour around the world" with his ever lasting gratitude for dark metal music. Zakk saves most of the akward moments with his intelligent and spirited guitar work. Trujillo and Bordin, the unfamous butcherers of Ozzys two first solo albums, are playing as best as they can to fit the legendary Daisley and Castillo spots. With the massive song catalogue and ventures all the way from Helsinki to Tokyo, Ozzman could have been getting a more adventurous setlist. However, we get the same old token Sabbath cuts with a good mix of Blizzard and Tears with added fuel with some old songs.

Its not a bad guess to inform that we set up with I Dont Know, with the band presenting an old classic, yet unrealisticly simple song as they get. Bark At The Moon and Believer are the true highlights of the show, showcasing Ozzy with more doomy and dark sound. The Down To Earth stuff is the same old boring midpocket rock tunes that we find to be fillers. No More Tears saves lots of the overall sound of this live album, with Zakk playing with a more of a southern rock inspired sound. Thats it, pretty much, with Ozzy taken twelve songs from his five studio albums and one Sabbath tune to feed the restless. We could have gotten a more adventurous set, but we get the classic hard rock oriented, pretty safeplaying and very simple songs with no real aquistic balance.

Its good to hear that Ozzy is having fun hammering his set during the 2000's "dead yerars" before marching out and blowing everyone off the edge of their seats with the memorable Black Rain. This album neglets many many classic Oz tunes, but thats not the point. The point is to get a joint and enjoy the fruits of a bloomy tree. Oz aint giving up, because his voice is yet again more vital than in years, and perhaps a bit better than what was heard on live and loud. Its not pointless and its actually pretty doomy and misorganized as is the madmans life.

The worst live performance of the madman - 50%

Slayer213, April 30th, 2004

I bought this album just because I'm an Ozzy fan for a long time but I have to admit that was wasting my money. Ozzy's voice is not on top, he is descent on some songs (I don't know, Road to Nowhere) otherwhise he seems to be so tired or he totally butchers the songs (Mr Crowley is the most parlant exemple, I was very disappointed because it's one of my favorite Oz' s song of all time). In addition, the band plays classics you have heard so many times before, and the songs of the new album are very bad, Ozzy cannot do the same high vocals that he did in the studio so why doing these songs? I would have liked to listen some songs he doesn't always play live which are very good (Diary of a madman, Waiting for Darkness, Spiders, Killer of Giants for exemple) and some songs of Ozzmosis which is still a great album... The only surprise was that he played Believer (he was descent for this one except when he tried to have a high voice) and Bark at the moon (but he butchered that song). I give a 50 because it is Ozzy and because of the performance of the band (you may not like Zakk's playing but he rocks man! I felt like it was Hendrix playing ). So if you want some good Ozzy live album buy The Randy Rhoads Tribute which really rules or the Just Say Ozzy EP where Ozzy has got very good vocals, or the Live and Loud (but I think it was the beginning of the end for Ozzy's voice live).

Avoid like the plague... - 40%

Sinner, February 12th, 2003

Yet another live album from Ozzy - but this time - in contrary to the rather excellent "Tribute" and "Live & Loud"- this is one which you should avoid like the plague for a handfull of very obvious reasons.

First of course there's Ozzy - his voice has gone to hell and that shows - while you can cover this up on studio recordings this can't be done for live releases - and this must be by far his weakest vocal performance captured on disc so far. The only saving grace is his backing band - which does a fine job at playing the songs - and especially Zakk Wylde - who remains a great guitarist no matter what he does.

The most important factor to steer clear of this however simply is the fact that this is a completely unneccesary and soulless release ! We have gone from a double "greatest hits" disc (Live & Loud) to what seems to essentially be a watered down version of that disc - instead of digging up some forgotten classics ("Ultimate Sin", "Waiting For Darkness", "Mr Tinkertrain", "Diary Of A Madman", "Over The Mountain" to name just a few) Ozzy comes up with exactly those songs which have been played to death a million times already - I just can't imagine anyone jumping for joy with the xxxth rendition of "Paranoid", "Bark At The Moon" or "Mr Crowley" - and especially not in a inferior version like is documented on this disc.

And to add insult to the injury - there isn't even a single song played from the "Ozzmosis" album - which is quite grim - since especially "Perry Mason" and "I Just Want You" are fairly decent songs (not to mention "Thunder Underground" - which Zakk would definitely rock on) and the three "new" songs from "Down To Earth", while not bad - certainly don't warrant purchase.

Oh - besides all of this - the cover artwork sucks big-time - I don't know who came up with the original design - but that person should be hung, drawn & quartered before he goes out and "offers his talents" to another band.

Like said - avoid like the plague - unless you really need to have everything or want to complete your collection - but trust me - you won't listen to this a lot (instead - hey - pop in "Live & Loud" again)....

Valium starts taking it's toll... - 35%

skolnick, February 7th, 2003

What can I say about these songs? The same ones Ozzy had played over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again, with the inclusion of some new tunes from the "Down To Earth" album. Well, we all know that Ozzy should have put his boots in his closet a long time ago, as all of us now recognise that he's no longer in his perfect metal, or should I say "mental" sanity. He should had ended it all back in 92 in the "No More Tours" Tour. But, $$$$$$$ is fucking addictive and Ozzy always hoped to grab some more, sending out non-quality stuff to rip-off his fans...

A live album in the middle of a promotion tour from where these songs were taken...well this is not the sweet sound of metal, but the sweet sound of some more coins falling into Ozzy's jacket...Total cash grabber, this album is not an worthy item to get...

Why? You ask why? Ok, ill tell you why...Ozzy had literally butchered these songs on this record. We all know his voice faded away almost 10 years ago (motherfuckin drunk ass) and unfortunately the "Prozac" and "Valium" effects started taking it's toll in the most convenient hour, the concert hour...
Poor Japanese fans, even seeing some mallcore acts could have been a better use of money, but waste it to hear a guy sing like this: Im GoInG oUt Of ThE rAiLs On A cRaZy TrAiN!!...!!..!!!!!'s fucking unbearable...

Also the cover art really sucks...i'm a designer, and I know some of the shittiest designers in the world, and they would certainly do better than that shit...

The only good thing on this is the fine playing by the other band members: Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo and Mike Bordin. I think that even Mick Jagger would sing this stuff alright (being older than ozzy) and would kick that "drunk money hungry attempt to be a vocalist"'s ass!

I liked Ozzy...he had some of the best metal albums ever like "Blizzard of Ozz" or even "Diary of a Madman", but for me he ended his brilliant career back in 92. Who can admire a guy that today needs a couple of nylon strings attached to both of his arms just to rise them up when something like "I lOvE yOu AlL"????

Well, if you want some decent Ozzy live albums, spend wisely your money with "Live & Loud" or the fantastic "Tribute" with Randy Rhoads. Forget about this waste of time and money...all you're going to do by buying this is provide Jack Osbourne money for his daily night go out...