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Ozzy rules! - 85%

evermetal, October 19th, 2009

Some people may wonder what’s the use of a third live album from Ozzy Osbourne? Well, first we should remember that the first one, Speak of the Devil, was released a decade before. The second was kind of essential since it was mostly a tribute to Randy Roads. Live and Loud is definitely the one that lives up to our expectations. It has 20 classic songs in fantastic performances, great production and a perfect live atmosphere. And the fact that it features the Black Sabbath authentic line-up in the self-titled song makes it even more interesting.

Don’t mind the sound or the song selection or the feeling. It’s all about the madness of the godfather of heavy metal. A madness that flows through the speakers of my stereo and only a veteran like Ozzy could make real. From where should I start? Songs like Desire, I Don’t Know, War Pigs and Mama I’m Coming Home are songs that I find easy to enjoy but still I can hear without headbanging or shouting. The band is in great shape and all of them come out pretty good.

With Mr.Crowley, No More Tears, Miracle Man and Changes I go crazy and excited. Who wouldn’t anyway, at least of those who like listening to good old heavy metal. But with the very first lines of Paranoid, Flying High Again, Crazy Train and Bark at the Moon the sweat starts running down my face and I feel shivers down my spine. All hell has broken loose! Of course I would like some other songs like Over the Mountain, Diary of a Madman or Secret Loser to be in the album as well but we can’t have it all can we?

Ozzy isn’t just a myth. He is the ultimate star of heavy metal. And his being on stage with the rest of Black Sabbath is something that many fans, not me to be honest have been looking forward to for… forever maybe? This album is Live and Loud because someone like him could have done nothing less!

Sinner on the road - 92%

Genzel, April 27th, 2008

Ozzy Osbourne entered the 90's with a new style, without alcohol and drugs with a speed metal styled young guitarist named Zakk Wylde. He had done some great albums in his 80's career, and started the 90's with his latest album, No More Tears and of course following this awesome live album, Live And Loud. He now made music what he wanted to make, and some fans left Ozzys bandwagon for that, but many new fans come along.

The set is from Ozzys lenghty career consisting material from the first six studio albums. Its a double disc release, with Blizzard Of Ozz and No More Tears tracks clustered all over, and several songs from the other four albums made with Rhoads, Lee and Wylde. Argualbly Ozzy shows some really rare material such as songs as Desire, Shot In The Dark, Miracle Man and War Pigs, that would not later make into his set so often, but also tracks we're heard to death such as No More Tears and I Dont Know. Zakks playing is wild, energetic and he shreds and adds solos every time he gots an opportunity, but he still doesnt play as good as Rhoads or Lee. Ozzy gives his best vocal performance since the 1986's world tour and adds really fasicnating singing in the middle of War Pigs, but otherwise his singing is at best bareable. The set is lenghty, there is no disputing that, but many classic songs are being ignored, even from the new album, No More Tears.

All in all, this is finally a double CD of Ozzys lenghty career, which is a rarity. Zakk swims in the deep seas of insane guitar shredding and has some good moments, such as the Rhoads material and interestingly two Lee era songs along with the Wylde material which has southern rock inspired sound.

"Live and Loud" by Ozzy Osbourne - 95%

samshroyer, August 20th, 2006

I own many live albums, I mean alot of live albums, and by far Live and Loud by Ozzy Osbourne is one of the best ones. This album was recorded on the "No More Tours" Tour in 92 and 93.

The album has great production work and it remains at the same volume through the whole concert unlike other live albums with not so great production.

The setlist of this album is the perfect Ozzy concert. He plays all the classics, some of the not so classic songs, gives Zakk Wylde an amazing Guitar Solo, and Randy Castillo an amazing Drum Solo. The last two tracks, "Black Sabbath" and "Changes", are recorded from the Black Sabbath Costa Mesa Reunion Show, with Zakk Wylde playing the piano in "Changes".

It is interesting listening to Ozzy talk in between songs especially in between "No More Tears" and "Miracle Man", where he talks about people like Jimmy Swaggart who accused Ozzy of Satanism, ect.

It is also interesting listening to the "Intro" track, where it goes through several Ozzy and Black Sabbath songs spanning his career up until this tour, until ripping into Paranoid.

Finally, I think what makes this album so perfect is the line-up. This is Ozzy's "classic" line-up, in my opinion. Zakk Wylde is an amazing shredder on the guitar, Mike Inez is great at the bass, and Randy Castillo is really, really, good.

I hope you found this review helpful. I encourage you to go out to a Circuit City or FYE, and pick up this album, it might be hard to find it new, since it has been deleted from Ozzy's catalouge since 2002, but order it online if you have to.
Sam Shroyer