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Now with 100% less annoying pinch harmonics - 62%

The_Scrab, April 16th, 2010

I'd like to start off this review by thanking fucking Christ that Ozzy got himself another guitarist. I'm no fan of Ozzy's later solo material (or much of any of Wylde's contributions, to be honest), but for all of the beating and degrading that the Ozzman's vocal chords have received over the last four decades, this is an embarrassingly silly yet catchy and energetic song that sits pretty high up amongst the crap that's been playing on the mainstream radio and passing itself off as "Heavy Metal".

Ozzy's vocals are obviously getting really tired, and seeing as he was never the greatest singer to begin with, the vocals on the track are initially irritating. But after a listen or two, the listener notices how much more organic and earthy they sound, compared to the previous album. I'm sure there's still some touch up on most of it, but hearing Osbourne's natural, if weathered, vocals for the first time in god knows how long is a refreshing change from the autotuned to oblivion vocals found his previous endeavor, Black Rain. No one's gonna catch Ozzy singing any German opera houses any time soon, but it's at least refreshing to hear Ozzy sound gritty and natural rather than like the narrator program on a computer.

As for the music of the track, it's slightly above average poppy midpaced modern metal that doesn't exactly melt faces but also has enough interesting moments to make it a memorable first single. The guitar riffing isn't particularly memorable or technical, but it provides a good, solid rhythm and enough variety to drive the song forward. There's a few interesting melodic guitar fills in the mix, and these serve as a good counterpoint for the chrunchier rhythm parts. The solo, while not mind blowing or epic in scale, is melodic, varied, and incorporates a couple different techniques to keep things interesting. I especially like the way it started with the dive bomb, and that it had zero shrieky pinch harmonics.

The drums are fairly driving on the song, but aren't technically varied or particularly noticeable. They are certainly proficient, but they make one yearn for the time when the throne was occupied by the late, great, Randy Castillo. The bass guitar is practically inaudible, which is sadly the case for most songs nowadays, and i feel that if it had been present it would have provided the song with a more solid groove.

Overall, this song is neither amazing nor a two chord abomination, but I'd certainly say that it's a much better song than anything Ozzy has released in the last decade or so, and makes for a fairly interesting, if safe choice, for a lead single. I probably still won't pick up the album, but I certainly feel a little better about the idea of a new record after hearing this track, and realizing that it's not nearly as bad as the image of more later era Osbourne material initially conjures.