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Absolutely no signs of life here. - 0%

hells_unicorn, May 22nd, 2009

Although I never bothered checking out the famed cover album that Ozzy did that this single came out of, I did happen upon this one day in my local store’s discount bin for a whopping $1.50, so I figured it might be worth at least the equivalent of a 5 piece chicken nugget order at the nearest Wendy’s. Unfortunately I dead wrong, as although such a meager meal might not have stuck with me long and may have shortened my life by 15 minutes, at least it would have tasted good going down.

What we have here is essentially Ozzy singing Karaoke to a famous Beatles song that perhaps doesn’t get as much attention as others, but is probably known to most who have ever turned on a radio station geared towards 60s and 70s music at some point in their lives. Doing this at a live show I might understand, doing this in a small club as a hobby once a week I can understand, but recording something that is 100% the same as the original in every respect except for that Ozzy doesn’t look or sound like John Lennon.

Adding to the pointlessness factor here are an all acoustic version of “Dreamer” and a music video file for “In My Life”. The former is not really distinguishable from the album version, save maybe the guitar being a little bit fainter sounding. The latter is basically a montage of past videos of Ozzy during his Sabbath years or his solo career, placed in random order with occasional cuts to the prince of darkness sporting his John Lennon sunglasses and hanging around a park bench like a washed up, hippie version of Forrest Gump.

There’s been some really bad moments in Ozzy’s career in the 10 years before this was released and a few strongly mediocre ones after it, but this basically takes the cake for being at the absolute bottom of the barrel. I mean no disrespect to the Beatles, John Lennon, and the whole peace movement thing, but there’s nothing more pointless than peddling around the image of a man living in the past for any kind of monetary units, large or small. It’s something that’s not offensive or grating, it’s just there, like the sound of an air conditioner, garnering no response whatsoever.