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It has groove, and it has grooves on it's groove. - 17%

hells_unicorn, November 11th, 2007

It’s difficult to truly articulate how much I hate this song, there are so many things wrong with both it and the album that it came off of that I will likely give myself a brain hemorrhage trying to come up with the right combination. Essentially you have every aspect of the two genres of rock and metal that I have come to loathe all represented in their putrid entirety, namely groove metal and grunge.

We kick off this little sonic disaster on a stick with a somewhat promising piano intro, almost giving the impression that we’ll be treated to the end of the “No More Tears” style epic trilogy model of songwriting. But alas, just before the 30 second mark we get treated to the riff to kill all riffs, the riff that could kill the manhood of the mightiest Viking steed. The damn thing is practically 2 notes just banged out over and over again with no variation, it’s basically Pantera’s “Walk” on about 80 gallons of steroids. There is no variation, no development, just a grating groove riff that occasionally throws in a little Black Sabbath era 4 note run to keep from putting the retarded 90s Ozzy fan boys into a hypnotic coma. It literally makes Audioslave’s first album sound like Rust in Peace.

To his credit, Zakk Wylde didn’t write this riff, and I can only imagine the sheer drudgery he must have had to suffer at every live show he played with Ozzy featuring this song. His guitar sound and technique does the best it can to compensate, but even Yngwie’s lightning hands would not have salvaged a riff this bland and uninspired without the addition of a few fills, which I’m sure Ozzy forbade as he was likely seeking to rope in the brain-dead Creed fans populating the rock world at this juncture. Fortunately this song does not simply chug out this lone groove for its entire 5 minute duration and makes some occasional changes in feel, but Ozzy’s voice does its part in tearing down the rest of the song. Even when he is perfectly in pitch, the notes sound so sour and nasal that you wince in pain. Zakk plays a decent guitar solo; same as usual, but 30 seconds of flash doesn’t make up for 4:30 of blah.

To fans of metal that are not slaves to the groove, kindly spare yourself the suffocation of a thousand farts and ignore this song. Ozzy essentially allowed an entire crew of outsides to come in and write an album for him, a task usually reserved for pop divas, and this song is the bottom of that sizable barrel of goat excrement. Do something more fulfilling with your time like nail biting, chewing tobacco, or hanging out with a bunch of lepers, anything will suffice.

Remove Ozzy and this song would be good. - 55%

Symphony_Of_Terror, March 30th, 2004

Well seeing the only way I would ever hear Ozzy is if it were on the radio, and I have heard this song more than a few times on the radio. I can safely say its pretty bad. I do think its impressive for someone as incoherant and overall a complete mess like Ozzy to record a song that sounds as if he has it together. But no matter how much he has it together in the studio, he still can't make good music, and hasn't really for the last 20 or so years.

There are a few moments on this song that stand above average solo and at times decent riffs. Aside from the solo nothing about this album is above average, and at times it falls below average, like when Ozzy sings. His vocals are the worst on this song than any song I have heard him sing before. They are droning and incoherant, they are boring and monotonious. If definatly ruins the song for me, without the vocals there is a chance I would listen to this song voluntarily again, but since the vocals exist and suck so much, I am not. Ozzy needs to retire, and this is proof of it. So I give it some credit for decent guitar work and a pretty good solo, the rest is trash.

Not classic, but still good - 84%

HealthySonicDiet, December 16th, 2003

This is the first single from Ozzy's latest full-length album, Down to Earth. I would be reviewing the full album, but I don't have it and would like to review it song by song. Gets Me Through starts out with a nonchalant, syncopated guitar riff from the likes of Zakk Wylde and does so throughout the song. There's nothing very noteworthy about the song until Zakk's soloing comes in. He has a razor sharp, vile guitar tone which I have yet to hear from any other artist. You'll have to hear it for yourself to see what I'm talking about. Sadly, the radio version cuts his soloing awfully short, but the album version has him in his full glory. Ozzy's vocals are not his best on this song, as he is getting older and has weathered years of alcohol, drugs, and smoking. They're not abominable, but not near his pinnacle.
Nonetheless, this song opens the album great and just makes you feel good when you listen to it. It's one of those no-frills, stripped-down heavy metal songs that you don't have to appreciate for it's artistry in order to have a headbanging good time.