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Steaming pile of shit! - 4%

GrimAndFrostbitten, January 30th, 2004

Sometimes, I like to subject myself to bad music, perhaps to refresh my value scale of music and make good music sound better, so I decided to track this down, recalling the "Gets Me Through" song from a few years ago.

This album was written by people like Dave Grohl and members of the Offspring, and produced by the same guy who produced Tears for Fears and U2. Boy, does their mediocrity ever show in this -- the songwriting is utter shit. The songs are amazingly boring, with little to point out, and the end result of this album is utterly bland and pathetic pop rock. It's also horribly overproduced and sterile, with all kinds of unecessary shitty warping and echoing effects thrown in everywhere.

At that point in time, Ozzy still had a good voice, but he proved that he's just a drug-addled tool commanded to piss on the legend of Black Sabbath. If he died in the 70s of an overdode, he would be revered, but now all people will remember is some babbling old British washed up rock star, as this album clearly demonstrates without having to watch an episode of The Osbournes. Zakk Wylde also admits in an interview that he's just doing it because a bunch of greedy idiots want to sell records, and was quite angry at the time. There's songs about Ozzy himself that probably wasn't written by him, and songs about junkies that don't sound the least bit heartfelt.

I'm pretty sure some of these hooks in the songs like "Gets Me Through" and "No Easy Way Out" are only played on one string, as they sound really pathetic and simplistic. Whatever developed in the 90s, where they rely on guitar tone and distortion alone to sound "heavy," prevails here. However, there are plenty of guitar solos, but none of them fit in the songs at all. It seems almost certain that there was a conflict of interest where Zakk was trying to insist to the listening audience he didn't suck like today's guitarists do, even though he was forced to play something very similar to the insipid shit they play. Other songs include standard, boring, very forgettable cookie-cutter ballads.

Avoid this like the plague, it's a total mess and an utter disgrace. I'll give it 4 points, just because I know there are actually worse things out there.