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Down to compromising - 79%

Genzel, January 2nd, 2010

Down with the groove Ozzman went, and never ever came back. Out of shape, out of ideas and obviously out of money, because Osbourne went on and wrote this album. Its mixture of brand new rock tunes and the shuffly metal compositions. After the release, Osbourne went to a new world tour and published some metal concerts from this tour. Is it a complete waste of time, effort, energy and money? Is it any good after Ozzman quit drinking?

Well, at least the record is without any concept. Its the same old "I aint the Iron Man" stuff. Osbournes last concept album was No rest for the wicked, and it was also more of a rock influenced record. Without any respect toward the Rhoads or Lee eras, the albums songs blatantly last four minutes with a simple lyrical line, a midway solo and the pop hook that just isnt any good.

The records are some throwaway post Sabbath riffing and weird metal tunes. Black Illusion shatters the dreams of the listener with going to the cheesy "yeah baby"- stuff which became Osbournes trademark after Lemmy began writing songs with the madman. No easy way out has some lyrical dimension, so does Facing Hell. The unambigous Junkie isnt that good in itself. Some heart was put onto the writings of Osbournes eight studio album.

Propably you won't hear anything that Ozzy hadn't done before, because its a mix of medicoricity, cheesyness and humilitatingly average solos. All in all, this album is nothing but Osbournes worst studio effort. It has few metal and rock tunes that are good, but otherwise it just doesn't show anything new in the arena of metal. Osbournes singing is the in the worst shape of his career, even though Tim Palmer is a good song writer as you can see in the songs.

It has some mood and will light your mind if you are hungry for getting your mood to elevate. It will elevate your mood, but in short, it does nothing but. If you want a real Ozzy record, go for any record except this. But if you are a freak or in a bad shape in your life, this album might bring you some hope. Its not hopeless to listen to this record, because, as life itself, it has its bright sides. Its like listening to a monday morning garbage dump, because the riffs are schorchy, not that monday mornings are good anyway. Waste some time, have some ball and listen to this record if you are in a state of apathy.