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Two bad songs can't ruin a great album - 90%

morbert, November 16th, 2007

Yes, only two bad songs can be found here and they really aren’t bad enough to ruin the entire album. There are too many classics here to ignore this album.

The powerful opener ‘Over the Mountain’ has remained one of my favourite Ozzy songs all these years. It is one of his faster songs with simple (by Rhoads standards that is) but very heavy riffs and a memorable vocal line. ‘Flying High Again’ is an old school rocker (with a more than excellent solo) which is decent on the album but came more to life on the 1987 album ‘Tribute to Randy Rhoads’.

‘Believer’ is a slow paced song that strongly refers to the darkness of Black Sabbath. It’s actually so good it would have been a Sabbath classic had it been released by the doomsters themselves. Yes, it truly is a highlight in Ozzy’s solo career. I’ve never understood why a lot of people specifically mention ‘Little Dolls’ when talking about the bad songs on the album. It’s not one of the best here, but it is simply decent. The main riff is way too obviously inspired by early seventies pounding Van Halen material but that doesn’t make it a bad album. It’s just more rock than metal.

The last two songs are close to genius here. ‘S.A.T.O.’ starts off clean but then proceeds with the best riff on the album and a Sabbath-ish vocal line. The bass lines are also memorable here, sounding slightly like Steve Harris on Maiden’s ‘Piece Of Mind’. Closing title song ‘Diary Of A Madman’ has some good acoustic guitars, diversity, great dynamics and an above average vocal performance by the prince of darkness. Even the violin during the middle section of the songs falls perfectly into place.

So which are the two bad songs? That would be the ballads ‘You Can't Kill Rock & Roll’ and ‘Tonight’. I’ve never been too fond about any of his ballads save a few. But these aren’t exceptions. They’re just there to fill the space and possibly to appeal to arena-rock-fans and radio stations. I honestly think an icon like Ozzy doesn’t need this kind of material.

Ohw, by the way. The album cover is so bad it actually becomes brilliant. And that, of course, is very metal!

Top songs: ‘Over the Mountain’, ‘Believer’, ‘S.A.T.O.’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’