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Madmans Legacy - 98%

Genzel, December 24th, 2010

Madmans Legacy:

Osbourne sure delivered a message with this trail of thought. The little above average playing of the guitar God Rhoads did work for the relatively young Ozz fanbase. Recorded back to back alongside with the solo debut Blizzard..., Diary concealed the unseen talents of the bassist Bob Daisley. Madman rages through with some dramatic and tragic guitar passages all toward the mad, doomy and sadistic dimensions of this album. This album was done with passion.

Little Dolls starts with an occultistic drum intro and is about voodoo and other sick and lunatic bleeding and conjuring. Tonight is filled with romantiscm and positive aura, while Over The Mountain just blasts through the madmans cellar hallway. Flying High Again has the most fantastic guitar solo and is always listened with fond memories. Believer is too negative for being one of the highlights, but showcases Ozzys evil persona. The songs are made with the dummer Lee Kerslake who truly was the greatest musician skill- wise. In Little Dolls, to me, the real experience of Diary Of A Madman starts. The songs are more metal and less silly. Less commercial and more melancholic.

First half of the songs are rock offers as the ending is full of mainstream metal. Ozzy, or his band, snatched only the rock classics from this album to go for the live album( Tribute ) of the Diary Of A Madman tour. The first half which has the Blizzard lookalikes, are almost pure rock anthems. Lee Kerslakes vibrant and deviant persona is showcased in the joyful spirit that he brought to the whole Diary Of A Madman, unlike to Blizzard, in which he didnt contribute a lot. The other half is conjured by pure metal classics with some psychosis- like athmosphere. The album is mostly uplifting, melodic and hypomaniac, but the finish off song Diary Of A Madman just depresses like hell, not that it is good anyway. A true Ozzy gem remastered or not.