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Very good solo debut - 85%

morbert, November 19th, 2007

Yes, I know this album is considered a classic by many. I personally am also a big fan of Ozzy in his eighties period. Yet I’ve always preferred his 1981 album ‘Diary Of A Madman’ over this one. There’s a simple reason for this. ‘Diary…’ was slightly less rock, more metal and darker.

A decent amount of the songs on Blizzard Of Ozz are firmly based upon hardrock. This obviously had something to do with Rhoads’ Quiet Riot background and Ozzy not wanting too sound too much like his previous band.
‘Suicide Solution’, ‘No Bone Movies’ and ‘Steal Away’ are typical yet very good seventies rockers. These kind of songs always sound better live than on album. The ‘Tribute: Randy Rhoads’ live recordings which were released in 1987 proved that.

The best songs present on Blizzard are the songs with the highest amount of metal and/or darkness. Opener ‘I Don’t Know’ works around an effective heavy riff and ‘Crazy Train’ balances between rock and metal but still sounds heavy.

Third highlight is the epic ‘Mr. Crowley’ with its mighty keyboard intro before plunging into a very dark but melancholic mid paced composition with an incredibly beautiful and powerful guitar solo. Truly a classic in Ozzy’s solo career.

The ballad ‘Goodbye to Romance’ has never been a favourite of mine. Neither was the live version. The lyrics are somewhat enjoyable but the song has always sounded too cheesy. The instrumental ‘Dee’ is gorgeous and of course way too short.

Yes, I like this album, but not as much as its follow-up.