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Can't hold on.... - 83%

langstondrive, October 8th, 2003

Let me start by saying that it is a shame that this is my favourite album that Ozzy did solo. Of course everybody will say that Randy Rhodes rules, but then again if one wants to discuss shredding, then Malmsteen or Buckethead or even Wylde can shred circles around Rhodes. He is not a bad guitarist by any means, but so very overrated. Ozzy himself doesn't have much of a voice, but then again he never really did.

I think that the album makes itself to be heavier than it really is. The guitar sounds rather weak, even though the riffs are there. The drums are nothing special, mainly just trying to keep the guitar in check. This is early enough in Ozzy's career that his voice is not going all shakey yet (see Live at Bodokan or whatever it's called). The main problem with these songs is that they have the most promising intro, and they just lose it as the song goes on. The band fails to return to the same formula that they used to write the first part, hence having the song just losing steam until it becomes simply boring.

3 very good examples of this - Mr. Crowley, with it's killer intro, promptly ruined by Ozzy's voice and the song change. Crazy Train, with one of the best riffs ever in it's into, suddenly gets all happy and cheerful, which is not good ladies and gentlemen, especially when you have a riff that badass as your intro. And lastly, Suicide Solution, with a really cool verse that is so singable, but the chorus really sucks dick. Goodbye to Romance just isin't good. Never really was, Ozzy sounds really strained.

Despite all that, this is still a fairly good album and the one to buy if you want an Ozzy solo album. However, anything (literally) by Black Sabbath is better.