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Not that great, he could do better. - 65%

evermetal, October 15th, 2009

Before I say anything else I have to make clear that Ozzy, as a singer, is totally insignificant to me and sometimes I really despise and hate his voice. Still, bearing in mind what he has offered to heavy metal all these long years, I have the obligation towards him to be as objective as I can and see his albums as the work of many musicians, not just Ozzy.

And now that I’m done let’s see what’s in store for us. Blizzard of Ozz is Ozzy’s first album in his solo career. He has gathered a line-up of good musicians, especially the amazing guitarist Randy Roads. You can tell by the cover that after his break-up with Black Sabbath he has returned with some wild intentions. His voice, I think, sounds kind of heavier than before but still remains so recognizable. The sound of the band deviates from that of Black Sabbath and tends to a more “American” style. I think it is good the fact that he didn’t stay stuck to the past and make the album sound more updated and “fresh”.

The collaboration among the band and their performance is very good but what really stands out is the incredible, melodic guitar playing by Roads. Sometimes it plays a key role letting Ozzy come second. Some of the most well-known riffs that have been written are included in the Blizzard… I wish I could make the same nice comments about the vocals but apparently Ozzy just doesn’t have it in him. He is a fine composer, a colossal frontman, no doubt about it! However he doesn’t have the ability to any better than that.

Blizzard of Ozz owes his existence to three metal hymns. Crazy Train, Suicide Solution and Mr.Crowley have written their own history in the book of heavy metal. Crazy Train is a fantastic song with a superb riff. I hear it at almost every rock club I may go to. Suicide Solution became well-known because of the trouble it brought to the band but also gave them some good advertising and promotion. Of course we all know that you must be too stupid to kill yourself, let alone only by listening to a song.

Mr.Crowley is a composition that smells like Sabbath to me. I’m not saying that Ozzy stepped on his Sabbath fame. It’s just that its’ heavy, slow riff and feeling fooled me for a moment to believe that he had never left them. For many fans this song is probably his best.

I’m disappointed by the fact that there are two ballads in the album, in a total of nine songs including Roads’ acoustic monologue on Dee. And to be honest only one of them is quite okay. Goodbye to Romance is very emotional and reveals a sensitive side in Osbourne’s soul. On the other hand Revelation is a completely useless one. It does more bad in the album than good.

Steal Away(The Night) is a fine sample of how heavy metal should be played back then. It has a pretty fast tempo and it can excite you. The remaining songs though are not of big importance. They are only expanding the playing time which would be too little without them.

In overall, Blizzard of Ozz is not too bad. It has its’ ups and downs. It is however too overlooked by many because it marked the beginning of Ozzy’s solo career. Okay, it was a nice start but considering what followed it makes it lose many points.