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Amazing guitar, otherwise mediocre - 69%

UltraBoris, August 26th, 2002

This album really has one distinctive trait, and that is Randy Rhoads. His guitar solos are something out of this world, really - total fucking shredding, but with taste and a keen sense of melody. No wankery is to be found here, most every solo is pretty much memorable note for note.

The rest of the album... the thing is, Rhoads plays circles around everyone else. He plays a million notes a second, and the songs tend to seem fast at times, but then they really are not. For example, "I Don't Know", which starts with a crash and then that majorly fast riff, but when the bass comes in, it kinda plods along. Then the chorus is totally plodding along. Still a great song, because the solo completely saves it, but the thing is, this is not a band cut out to play speed metal, when only one instrument is going Hell Bent for Leather. Even Judas Priest with Dave Holland sounded far faster than this.

"Crazy Train" is the obligatory classic - not really the best song on here, because the chorus is just so grating the way Sucky Suckbourne sings it. His voice completely blows ass - Ozzy would be such a great band if they got rid of that cretin behind the microphone. Black Sabbath did the right thing, why didn't Ozzy?

The rest... "Goodbye to Romance", I'm sorry but this song just completely fucking sucks. Ozzy couldn't write a ballad to save his life. Dee is a little guitar noodle, pretty decent since Randy can definitely write great solos, acoustic, electric, you name it. "Suicide Solution" - man if I had to listen to that song more than once I'd kill myself too! It blows fucking donkey chunks!!

"Mr. Crowley" - my goodness, this song has so much promise. Listen to that intro, it's the most ominous thing since "Black Sabbath". Fucking immense atmosphere, then... "Miiiiister Crowwwleeeeey". Pffffft. Get that stupid cokehead away from the mike, we've got a guitar solo to record. The song plods through two verses, and then the monster solo. So good, in fact, that I once edited out the middle section using Cool Edit and just had keyboard intro and then outro solo. A winner is you!!

The rest - boring!! "Revelation" has a fucking sweet solo, but the riffs don't hold together - I have no idea who wrote the riffs, but poor Randy must have been falling asleep playing them. "Can we get to the solo already? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

So what we have here is one of the greatest guitarists of all time, toiling away with two competent but unspectacular musicians, one underused and underappreciated keyboardist, and some dickfuck that should've retired in 1948.