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The birth of the succes. - 95%

Genzel, December 17th, 2009

Osbourne really stepped into the fantasy realms of his psycho mind and plugged out a fine, yet too polished, studio outing. Without any concept, the Blizzard would carry an "American style"- status. Daisley wrote the lyrical score for this album, Rhoads invented the riffs and Ozzy got out of his bathtub and invented few excellent recordings, some medicore and some really poor material that we find to be fillers.

The opening salvo of "I dont know" has incredibly simple riff with added fuel of aquistic moment overbearing the good, yet mad solo. No Bone Movies stays full steam a filler, althought in Tribute the live chords of this song are kinda nice. Mr.Crowley, Crazy Train and Suicide Solution simply gets the job done. My freakin face melts when I get to the "All aboard the crazy train" moment. This epic musical score offers the first solo Ozzy go, while not being Osbournes best attempt, still kicks ass.

The material is a good mix of heavy metal and rock and roll. Two ballads Revelation( Mother Earth) and Goodbye To Romance set the mood set for a dreamy, if not crazy altitudes. The crazed charm of Ozz begings to enfold of the rock classics, such as Steal Away, where the moment is stolen, but for good deeds.

The album lacks personality and concept, so in the songs itself there is no story or point. Because this record has no concept, its taken way too malicourlsy. With no imaginitive fantasy realm, its more of a: "Hi this is Ozzy I am crazy and all". Everyone knows that so some material do get repertuous. Its just that Ozzman commands:"This is what I was in Sabbath, now this is what I will do the following 30 years". That announcement reflects the point of this heavy metal record. Some fans may want to leave Ozzy, but they certainly are in the minority. New recordings got this commercial pop rock taste and this album is the one to talk about one day and listen to when you are young and vulnerable. There are, yes we are being exposed to certain "pop hooks", which is good counting the measure that pop is the bottom line metal idea.

With horrificly fast running time, this album falls short to most of Ozzy Osbournes recordings, not because this is bad, but because the later stuff rocks way too hard. After Randys death some fans left Ozz for good, but indeed similar album to this is for example the heavy "Black Rain". Some really rare solo moments are treasured to this record and its like listening to gospel with kick ass writers and composers.